Recruitment Policy  
  Recruitment and Selection aim to search and hire suitable candidates to fill vacancies in SNS with the view to satisfying human resources needs. The search may be internal and/or external. Any position within SNS that becomes vacant will be filled after an approval of Managing Director or immediate Manager. The success and adaptability of a company depends upon the recruitment of employees who are flexible, adaptable and committed to the success of the SNS Trading DMCC.  

This section aims to promote and maintain high standards of professional recruitment practice by encouraging recruiters to adhere to best practices.


SNS Recruitment Policy Statement

    • Ensure that recruitment is considered an essential part of the human resource;
    • Advertise all vacancies internally;
    • Reply to every job applicant without any delay;
    • Inform job applicants the basic details and job conditions of every job advertised;
    • Process all applications with efficiency and courtesy;
    • Seek candidates on the basis of their qualifications;
    • Aim to ensure that every person invited for interview will be given a fair and thorough hearing.
  SIYA Work Culture  

Siya believes in “Leadership built on Trust”. We at Siya, have an open and entrepreneurial environment. An employee here is synonymous with passion for performance, high need for achievement and commitment to job.

Our core values of high integrity with a “Nothing – Impossible” approach are fuelled and visible in all our people, practices and processes. Our philosophy of Celebrating Competition and a Caring Management is apparent in our efforts to maintain the quality of work life and a balance of personal / professional life.