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  Our mission is to focus on our customer needs in order to establish long lasting relationships that can outlive market swings.  
An Information Technology Group
WAZA LLC is the information technology division of SIYA engaged in developing and providing customized software and complete solutions to your business.
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A Trading Group
SNS Trading DMCC is a subsidiary of SIYA group specializing in trading of scrap metal which includes ferrous and non-ferrous metals and its alloys.
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  SIYA Illustrious Journey
SIYA group is a renowned name in the international trading arena. Siya group was established in UAE and operates its business globally. We have grown and diversified into various directions successfully.
Siya Group has extensive experience in international trade from and to various countries in west and east. Based on our successful background and the old established relationships with our customers, we are in the position to supply the best quality products, at very competitive prices.
Siya group has 15 years of experience in developing technology solutions for the businesses. Because of our business background we are well positioned to develop solutions that helps reduce cost, increase efficiency and measure success of businesses. We serve customers in Indian Sub continent, Far Eastern regions, Europe and United States.